ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Joshua DiPerri is a contemporary artist of the North Shore. His range of work includes realism and abstract oil painting, sculpture, photography and poetry. He was born and raised in Gloucester, MA. where the smell of sea salt fills the air. Joshua's creations are influenced by experiences gained while living in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Australia, Manchester, NH, Maine and Massachusetts towns such as Beverly Farms, Salem and Haverhill. Joshua's love of art is shared by his great uncle of Germany who is a visual artist and his aunt of Australia, who is an accomplished photographer. A chemist by trade, his father is skilled in the restoration of antique sculptures. Joshua is a self-taught artist. Mr. DiPerri’s love of art originally began when he was in grammar school. As a young boy he would sketch animals, geometric patterns and anything that caught his fancy. He also became adept at woodcarving while in his middle school years. His interest in art truly began to blossom while in his early twenty’s. Joshua has participated in public and private exhibitions including the Salem Art's Association and the Haverhill Art Association. His poetry has been published in various anthologies.       ABOUT THE WORK: All of the items displayed herein are original hand made works of art elaborated by the artist Joshua DiPerri and are available for purchase unless otherwise noted. These original works of art are made from the finest quality, professional grade artist materials and are crafted in the traditional renaissance manner. When cared for properly they will last many hundreds of years. One of a kind original works of art make unique gift items that will be treasured dearly by the receiver and all those shared with. They may be passed down from one generation to the next as family heirlooms and they increase in value over time making them a beautiful gift and sound investment. Consider commissioning a portrait as a gift for a family member or friend. E-mail: